Caroline Wrens – Napoleon and Josephine –  watercolor and story by Kcellis

Napoleon and Josephine are a pair of Carolina Wrens who lived in the yard of my house. I first met Napoleon when he was actually inside my house (through the open dryer vent). He loved to fly through any available openings and ended up and various times in the house, under the house, in our garage, under the porch, and in our van. Although Napoleon was one of the smallest birds in our yard, he was the loudest (his singing woke me and my husband up at 5:30 am each morning) and had the biggest personality. Napoleon was the self-appointed guardian of the property and knew if anything was out of place or if any stranger (such as a raccoon) intruded. 

Napoleon eventually settled down with the lovely Josephine (wrens mate for life), and they enjoyed spending their days together in the yard looking for tasty bugs. The two are inseparable. 

This watercolor painting is on 11” x 14” paper.