I need to start this post by saying that I commend parents for taking on the enormous task of raising a child. It is one of the most beautiful things we as a species can attempt.

But I occasionally get asked—by friends, by my urologist, and once even by a complete stranger—why I don’t want to try my hand at such a feat. These photos are a glimpse into why.

The fact that The Gordon Parks Foundation recently discovered over 70 unpublished, admittedly amazing photographs by Parks marked as “Segregation Series”; the fact that these photos not only still exist, but are in such great shape instead of being long forgotten dust; the fact that this period in time is recent enough that some people who lived through it are still alive today; the fact that periods like this are nowhere near being so far behind us as to be marginalized in our history books.

This is a glimpse into why.

– via reginasworld, chartier