Happy birthday to the late, great, Majel Barrett Roddenberry. As the inimitable Lwaxana Troi, she’s tussled with Dr. Jill Biden, shamelessly pursued Picard (I mean, who wouldn’t?), been kidnapped by Ferengis, fallen in love with Cogsworth, kicked it with Alexander in the Fun Zone, and had a secret daughter that wasn’t Kirsten Dunst. And for all of you who’ve been asking us to cover DS9…well, I guess we’ll have to eventually, if we want any more Lwaxana, because we’ve covered all her TNG eps. 


ETA: we know she was also Number One, Nurse Chapel and the computer voice. But girl. This is a TNG fashion blog. Of course our favorite incarnation of the first lady of Star Trek is Lwaxana. HAVE YOU SEEN HER DRESSES