Where did I stay in Makaibari?

During my ten days in Makaibari I stayed with a host family, in a separate guest room/house, as part of the village home stay program. The experience was delightful.

I ate all the same meals as the rest of the family. Lunch and dinner was usually rice, dal, and a selection of cooked vegetables with occasional meat. Breakfast was flat breads, honey, an egg, or porridge.

Staying for such a long time gave me the opportunity to see what village life was like. Having come from my suburban and city experiences this was a very significant change and a welcome experience.

And each day when I came back from trekking around the factory and tea fields, Shila brought me a pot of Makaibari tea and cookies.

Much love and thanks to the Lama family for their hospitality during my stay. The photo here is of them standing in their newly opened shop, next to their home and along the main road in Makaibari.

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