Moving to Berlin represents several Firsts for me:

  • First time living outside the Bay Area (aside from college in Santa Cruz)
  • First Thanksgiving
  • First Birthday
  • First Christmas
  • First New Years
  • …all outside California

And also first true winter outside of California.

People are essentially fearful of winter in Berlin for the mix of cold, cold, cold, rain, wet, snow, grey, grey grey, sad, sad sad.

But the biggest factor is the significant reduction of sunlight. We’re so far north and it can become so cloudy here that light becomes less and less as we enter winter. Daylight is reduced to just a few actual hours. Scary.

All I can do is prepare and remain optimistic. It’s still the honeymoon phase for me and I love learning how to adapt to a new city and a new climate. I also need to invest in the right clothes. 

And I’m eager to continue spreading the goodness that comes with drinking tea. Berlin is ripe for it and we’re entering prime season for needing something to lift us up, warm us up, bring in some color to our eyes, and bring us together.