Congratulations to everyone on completing 2013. And may all the seeds you’ve been planting result in a successful 2014. 

Yes, that is a black and white print of Queen Latifah in the background.

The story behind this photo:

For many years I’ve visited Berlin and have had a desire to live here. Being here this past summer and getting a visa I realized this could actually happen. When I returned to San Francisco afterwards I knew it was time to make the move. Part of the romance of living here would be creating a space for myself in a Berlin style flat, with old architectural elements and interior styling, high ceilings, wood floors, double-windows, radiators, etc. To mark the accomplishment of moving here and finding a place to settle in, I wanted to capture a moment where I was home in a Berlin flat. When my friend Brian was visiting, I knew he’d be the right person to photograph it. The print of Queen Latifah came from a dance party I helped out with  (the party featured hip-hop music from Ladies of the 80s and 90s). Queen Latifah’s work through the years (her music and her TV show Living Single) has always drawn great respect for her. The way she presents herself with composure and confidence has always been inspiring to me.

(Photograph Brian Prazinko. December 2013, Berlin)