Tea while out and about

Taking tea with me has been an excellent addition to my time spent in German class. The process of pouring a cup is a nice way to enhance the learning environment.

My thermos is from MUJI. It’s simple and attractive with it’s stainless steel body and off-white cup and lid. 

But what tea to brew? Through the years I’ve figured out teas that work well in a thermos. Consider the conditions inside: hot water remains hot, same water keeps steeping the same tea, all for hours and hours. Some teas perform better than others.

Teas for the thermos — use less than you think so as to avoid becoming too strong and loosing all aroma. I’ve found these teas both flavorful and forgiving to the thermos environment:

  • Chinese Greens
  • Oolongs
  • Black Yunnans
  • Ceylons

Teas not good for the thermos — these are generally more fragile and steeping time must be halted to really enjoy the tea. Save these teas for home brewing:

  • Japanese Greens
  • Most whites
  • Darjeelings

Keep experimenting with  types of tea, the amount, and water temperature. You’ll find teas that work well for you.