Lately I’ve been working to have Two wifi access points in my flat to provide a wide, strong, reliable network. Getting your devices to switch automatically between the two is possible but a little tricky. 

The best way to set this up:

  1. Access points need an identical name, or SSID.
  2. Access points need an identical password and password type (WPA2 these days).
  3. Access points are connected via ethernet. This is a must for the most reliable setup
  4. Key: I learned from this great MacObserver article that reducing the “transmission power” allows for the auto-switching we want for devices. The reason is that at 100% power, wifi points are competing for attention in our dense urban environments. Reduce the power to the lowest available setting, test it, and increase from there as needed. 

Changing the Transmit power can be done via the web interface for your wifi router. If you’re using an Apple AirPort station I discoverd you cannot make the change with the latest Utlity, but rather exporting a Config file, then changing the value of the variable “raPx” to something like 10%. Save and Import the configuration. I actually brought the number down to 1 to make it low enough so that the automatic switch to the other access point took place as I wanted.