Take time to backup your personal data.

Everyone back home is on my mind, and I’m sending vibes of peace and solidarity. California, see you in a few weeks.

There’s something I tell people a lot in person that is becoming more important to share:

Take time to backup your personal data.

Photos, music, documents and your contacts and calendars are really hard to replace.

If you loose them, it will be really, really stressful. No one is every happy when their data is lost.

Your data is only truly backed up if it exists on at least one other piece of hardware that you can physically hold in your hand. Whether USB sticks, SD cards or hard drives, external storage these days is relatively inexpensive and more reliable than before.

Or, if you utilize trusted sources for online store, which generally offer several gigabytes of storage for free.

Whether you use Time Machine, another tool, or just a manual drop stuff of your stuff, do this sooner than later.

Baking up your data will provide a little peace of mind.
You deserve it.