Pink Triangle Park in the Castro, San Francisco

Pink Triangle Park in the Castro, San Francisco.

It’s a memorial just on the side to the major intersection of Castro and Market Streets. I had walked through this small memorial several years ago, but this time visiting with my dear friend Mitchel brought additional significance.

The fifteen granite pylons rise in remembrance of the estimated fifteen thousand gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender victims who were persecuted, imprisoned and murdered during and after the reign of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Greetings from Oakland, California

Greetings from Oakland, California. Visiting a few friends and taking time to walk around and see neighborhoods in person.

In Our America
All People Are Equal
Love Wins
Black Lives Matter
Immigrants & Refugees are Welcome
Disabilities are Respected
Women are in charge of their bodies
People & Planet are valued over profit
Diversity is Celebrated

This sign created by the team at Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX.