Small signs in public toilet spaces

Small signs on a Czech train (Berlin to Prague) informing passengers not to place trash into the the toilet. I love that they have icons of an apple core, aluminium cans, and I think a toothpaste tube.

Small signs like this often exist in public toilet spaces. A toilet is designed for human waste/fluids. It’s not a trash bin, but sadly passengers have used it as such and train staff had to deal with it. A good example of awareness, or lack of awareness on the part of train participants. What is obvious to some, is not obvious to others.

The 55th Annual Fruits Show, Coonoor

The 55th Annual Fruits Show. Sims Park, Coonoor, Nilgiri, India

I stumbled upon the annual fruit show while visiting Highfield Tea Estate in Coonoor. The archway over the park entrance was decorated entirely with fruit. Upon entering visitors were in awe at the giant butterfly, again all fruit. There were several tables with fruit carvings, oodles of fruit for sale, and several people won awards…but I could never figure for what.