Coaching Practice

I am welcoming clients for my new work in Coaching.

In 2020 I completed a course with Animas to learn skills for transformational coaching: a conversation-based approach to work together to help you move forward. I am currently welcoming new clients.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to help you assess your current state and find ways to move forward. Sometimes this is known as life or career coaching. When someone might feel stuck in life and/or seeking change, coaching can be an excellent tool to help you with this. Through coaching you can begin to take a fresh, new look at your thinking process, with a goal to gain clarity on what you really want, identify distractions, and find ways to forward.

Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind, but are unsure how to get started? Or there is something in your life you’d like to bring change to? Here are some common areas people often work on with coaching:

  • Work/Career: you have a job and wish to feel better about it, have too much to do, or have ideas of what you would really like to do. You like some your colleagues and not others, and would like to find solutions for handling this.
  • Hobbies & Personal Projects: you have your hobbies and wish you could invest more time on them, or spend time rediscovering what you love. Or maybe you’re stuck on moving forward with a personal project.
  • Relationships: some are great, others are sources of frustration. And these relationships can sometimes have a connection with your work/career and hobbies.

Coaching is not therapy, counselling, or mentoring. Instead, coaching is a combination of practices from these fields and more and create a specific focus: finding ways to move forward.

My experience receiving coaching:

In 2013 I received coaching and it had a great impact on me. This was a time in my life where I was seeking to find new ways to work and be creative, but I was feeling stuck. Through coaching I started to gain clarity and began to reconnect life experience with confidence. I learned that it was all there inside me already, it just took support from the right person to help me realize this.

Coaching helped me to start building a greater sense of awareness too. Through the years I have been able to better identify what I like, what I dislike, what I value and what I seek. I feel better able to appreciate and be “out” with the things and people I love, and better able to identify anything that takes away from this love.

Studying coaching this year has been a great experience and I am excited to help clients discover these things for themselves!

My approach to coaching:

Imagine if you had great colleague at work: someone you like talking to about what’s going on, someone who listens to you and responds with just the right questions. This experience helps you to reflect on your experience and helps you process things to move to the next step in the workplace. Imagine if you had this outside of work. This is how I position my coaching with clients: I’ll be this colleague for you.

In all my years of work experience, I have worked closely with people in a variety of different roles and areas of focus/expertise. I bring this broad experience to my coaching practice.

My training includes tools, models, and experience to support and encourage your thinking. My personal experience receiving coaching plays a big part in this too. I’m grateful for that experience and want to support others to move forward, with a special interest in the following areas:

  • Work & Personal Life: finding ways to take a fresh look within these big areas to gain clarity and movement. This can be on your overall situation and desires, to specific tasks or projects.
  • Relationships & Sexual Health: setting aside any shame when it comes to these important parts in our lives. Finding ways to educate and empower yourself and take care of the needs and interests of yourself and your partners.
  • LGBTIQ: 🏳️‍🌈 what it means to be part of this community, and to support and connect each other within and beyond. I want to give back to a community that is so important to me.

A coaching session can take place easily online (via voice/video), as well as in an office, at a cafe, outside, or even during a walk (moving often helps our thought process). Together we agree on what might work well, and change it if needed.

A session is about 1 hour. A session often concludes with a few things to think about, and can sometimes end with an exercise to work on until the next session. Coaching is always confidential and the goals, topics and progress are owned by you.

I am seeking new clients!

Get in touch via email and let’s talk. I would love to hear what’s on your mind and where you might be seeking change. If we feel there is a good match, we can schedule a first appointment and then follow up about scheduling a set of sessions for you.

A first session is free. Subsequent sessions have a fee based on your situation and number of recommended sessions, generally in blocks of 6 sessions.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Testimonials from Clients:

“Michael was my coach for a period during the first COVID19 lockdown in Berlin. Despite the gloomy times, we met online and were able to get to the heart of the matter which was my need for a transition in not only my life but how I viewed success. As I use alternative teaching methods in my work, he gamely explored some of these to use in our sessions – such as the Futures Walk. I loved his flexibility, insightfulness and gentle demeanor.”

– Senan

“My coaching journey with Michael was very successful. In our sessions he created the right space for me to think out loud on several topics. In return he responded with very powerful questions which helped to begin arriving at points of clarity. After just a few sessions, I was already able to move forward on these topics and find resolutions. And by the end of our sessions I was also able to start evolving my own coaching business.”

– Paul

“I really appreciated Michael as a coach. His technique and approach is thoughtful, and he really kept our sessions focused and cohesive. Thanks to his guidance, I felt much more confident about our goals, my values, and that our work was leading me in the direction I needed.”

– KC

About Michael Pieracci

I come from California, I lived in San Francisco for 8 years, and moved to Berlin in 2013. Read more about my work and my love for tea and photography.

Throughout my coaching course I have started bringing what I have learned into my professional life in my current jobs. I am also looking forward to utilizing this with clients 1-on-1.

It’s been great to activate and practice this knowledge and see how it can help people.