Presentations of Travel

In 2018 I started a “salon” style event, inviting 2-3 participants each time to present photography and experiences from their travels. In the last years, I felt that viewing small, photographs via the internet and social media was not a fulfilling experience.

I select presenters based on the quality of their photography and their natural enthusiasm to speak to their content as a series. I spend time with the presenter to help them structure their presentation to tell their story in blocks or sections, instead of a linear start-to-end of a trip.

My goals in hosting these events are:

  • To provide a space for people to show their photography on a large, bright screen.
  • To provide a space for people to share their stories and experiences of traveling, allowing people to hear directly from people.
  • To gather people who are interested in travel, encourage further travel, bring awareness to the great variety of destinations in the world.
  • To let people speak beyond travel itself and touch on topics that are important to them.

Events and topics in 2018 included:

3 presenters in January:

  • Lebanon
  • Multiple locations in Latin America
  • A journey in Darjeeling and southern India.

3 presenters in February:

  • A train journey from Beijing to Moscow
  • Observations in Hong Kong
  • Everyday topics of fruit and signage from multiple destinations.

3 presenters in April:

  • Oman
  • Vietnam
  • Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

3 presenters in August:

  • Sichuan, China
  • viewpoints of architecture while traveling
  • Warsaw, Poland

2 presenters in October:

  • Observations of written languages while traveling
  • Landscape tradition in Australian painting and its influence on observations during travel.

I select speakers based on our conversation about their experiences and quality of photographs. Events will continue in 2019 in Berlin.