Presenting is an opportunity to perform my thoughts and stories with  photography and very tasteful, small bits of text.

Presentations I’ve delivered:



  • Updates & Milestones for ongoing projects, web/design/marketing
  • Deployment and usage of office and admin systems
  • Quarterly & Yearly management reports

I also offer consultation on presentation on design details, content development, as well as speaking skills. Contact me today.

Important factors when creating presentations:

Content & Design

  • Introduction, topics, quick conclusion (our brains like stuff divided into 3 parts/pieces)
  • Flow and pace from beginning to end
  • Proper, clean styling with data, charts
  • Selection of typeface, proper formatting, size, setting of text
  • Consistent usage of styles and color
  • Proper implementation of high-resolution photography

Venue & Audience

  • Small to large
  • Size of stage
  • Speaking style and pace
  • Casual or more formal
  • Computer, projector and sound system used