Today marks 3 years living in Berlin. 

Today marks 3 years living in Berlin.

My collection of used tea leaves continues to grow. As I drink and share tea, then dry the leaves, I also take time to handle them as they move through each stage of drying. The mix changes over time as I consume teas of different types and origins. There is always so much color and texture to see and feel in the leaves. They remind me of the cycles, slow and fast, that we go through with having different people come and go in our lives, taking care of work and life duties, having fun, being down, and so on. Above all, I am happy to have my health, tools, and the right people in my life to keep going, drinking, collecting, and reflecting.

Thank you to everyone near and far, you have been part of it in some way.

And thank you for being a friend.

Today marks 1 complete year of officially living in Berlin. It still feels like I’m on vacation while working too.

Everything in it’s right place and moving in the right direction. 👏👏👏👏

Today: 8 Year Anniversary at FontShop. Coming Soon: Sabbatical

Today marks my 8 year anniversary at FontShop.

In that time I’ve worked on a ton of different projects, including the recent undertaking of the TYPO conference in San Francisco.  Along the way I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the best variety of people possible. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the camaraderie and support I’ve had during my time with the FontShop family.

What’s next?

Starting late April 2013 I’ll be taking a leave of absence from FontShop for about 6 months. Personally, I’ll be calling it a sabbatical (I love this word).

During that time I’ll be traveling and experimenting with a few creative ideas.

First stop is India to wander around hills of Darjeeling to see tea estates and learn the history that region (did you know I like tea?) After that I’ll spend some time in Zürich with my brother and sister-in-law and some time in Berlin to bike around that city.

Then back to San Francisco to see what’s next for me.

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