Hopes, and Homes, Crumbling on Indian Tea Plantations, from

An article reporting on working and living conditions in Assam, India, which produces some of the largest quantities of cheap black tea in the world.  Conditions like this are likely much more common than known publicly. 

It’s a stark contrast to my experience at Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling. which is well known for it’s reinvestment in it’s community and workers.

Tea pluckers, most of whom are elderly women, deserve great respect and support. Without them we would not have tea.

Pluckers in the fields at Makaibari, Darjeeling. May 2013.image


Tea tasting cup set

These are standard tools for tea tasting. They’re most common for Indian teas but are often seen in other tea geographies around the world. The main cup with lid is used to brew the tea, then you set that sideways into bowl to pour. Afterwards you turn the main cup upside down quickly and the tea is thrown against the lid. Open and set back on top to reveal the leaves.

This was a gift from Benoy of Thunderbolt Teas while I was visiting Darjeeling. May 2013.