Most plants are very happy to be watered in the sink. 

Run the water slowly until the soil is soaked. 

Allow to drain for some time. 

Return the plant to it’s home location. 

Water again in a few days or when the top of the soil is dry (could be up to a week).

Underwatering is better than overwatering.

Drilling a new hole in the lid of a glass teapot

A new, larger hole in this lid would improve air flow for a smoother pour. I used a Dremel tool model 4000 and the glass drilling bit number 662, with included drilling oil. Note the technique used for drilling glass: short and light compressions with breaks in between, adding a drop of oil every few times.

Pouring is now much smoother thanks to the modification.

Technique for temporary mounting of 10 mirrors

I had this set of mirrors I wanted to hang in my hallway. But I needed a way to hang them temporarily to test configuration and placement.

Each mirror hangs by 3 vertical pieces of white artists tape. Each strip is several inches long to have plenty of length to stick to the wall given the weight of the mirror. The strips are reinforced on each mirror with a horizontal piece.

Over the course of two days I could move each mirror around easily without worrying they’d fall down. Once I settled on a configuration I used a special museum putty to secure the mirrors in their final position.