Green teas from China, Japan, Korea

Korea is an often forgotten tea producing country. Their teas are quite good and a curious mix of style and flavors of Chinese and Japanese greens.

Top left, Chinese Green: Show Bud (Xue Ya) from Silk Road Teas. A very nice Chinese green with the usual properties: A pale green leaf, mixed sizes, and light, savory flavors and aroma.

Top right, Japanese Green: Sakura-no from Paper & Tea. Darker, smaller green leaf. Savory grassy flavors with a thickness to the brew.

Bottom, Korean Green: Daejak from Paper & Tea. Leaves are the size of a Chinese green, yet the darker color of a Japanese green. The flavors are a mix of the lighter Chinese green with a grassyness of the Japanese green. But unlike the other two there’s a noticeable additional flavor and aroma of roasted leaves.

Chinese tea plants and tea culture spread to Japan and Korea over hundreds of years. Both countries developed their own from cultivation to production to ceremony. Korea has a tea ceremony linked to the well-known Japanese tea ceremony.