For a long time I never understood the difference between: Zooming in and standing further away vs. Zooming out and standing closer to the subject.

Now I see the difference. Look at the left and right most frames on the wall. In the top photo all picture frames are proper width. In the bottom the left and right frames are stretched.

Lens is a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L wide-angle.

Left Handed Photography Project

In college I took a class called Social Documentation. For the final project we were tasked to study and document something of interest. I chose to develop my story of what it’s like being left handed through studying and photographing specific environments and tools. We were also required to shoot with film cameras and in black and white.

I’ve unearthed photos from 2004 and present some of them today in honor of International Left Handers Day.

People setup desks and work areas to suit purpose and comfort. Electronics, tools, and other equipment are often designed for the right hand while others more universal.

A set of left handed scissors owned by my dad. Seems like he’s had these forever. What makes them different? The top handle is molded to fit the left hand and the left blade is on top. Using right handed scissors as a kid in the classroom can be very difficult.

Classrooms typically have very few left handed desks.

Lefties grow up having to adapt to right handed desks.