This is Tea is an exhibition that was on display in Berlin from May 30 to June 14, 2015. 

It was composed of three parts:

Tea: A large amount of used, dried tea leaves. All types, all origins. Remarkable ranges of color come through with such a large amount of tea leaves are mixed togethger. Light and dark browns, yellows, greens, reds. All of this tea was consumed at home in the last 14 months. The total weight is 3 kilograms.

Leaf Prints: Before these leaves were dried, they were pressed onto paper to make unique prints. Despite the color categories of tea (white, green, black) the prints show a deep range of browns and yellows, all the output of every type of tea consumed.

Photographs Ten photographs of tea cups again showcase this idea of range of color. Green tea can range from a rich, grassy color, to a pale yellow. Black teas can be orange, red, and brown.

Although This is Tea has ended, the Leaf Prints and Photographs are still on display, available for viewing by appointment

An exhibition on tea by Michael Pieracci

This is Tea showcases my enthusiasm for tea and explores the great range of color and texture possible. The focal point is an enormous amount of organic waste: used, dried tea leaves consumed in the last 12 months. As this tea (all types, all origins) was brewed and enjoyed throughout the year, the leaves were partly dried. Damp leaves were pressed onto paper, producing a series of unique prints. A series of photographs show cups of brewed tea, but the surprise is the richness and range of color that tea can produce. 

Gallery VonLbisG, Lausitzer Str. 10, Berlin

Vernissage 30. May 2015 at 18.00. Facebook Event

On display from 31. May – 14. June 2015

Open Tu, Th 13:00 – 17:00 & Fr – Sa 12:00 – 18:00 

Tea tastings during open hours to be announced.