A little bit of Awareness

I am very happy to have been one of the speakers at the last nights Up.Front. I shared my recent insight about my role of product/project management at teambay, where we make a tool that lets employees and managers exchange feedback anonymously, and on a weekly basis.

As I often do with presentations, I included a few screenshots from Star Trek: The Next Generation to accompany certain points related to helping teams communicate and become better aware.

I am delighted to be presenting at the next Up.front event here in Berlin. Up.front is a monthly meetup for web develops, designers, and other nerdy types. It takes place in a co-working shared space in Kreuzberg, Berlin. 

My talk is titled A Presentation About Presenting, where I will share my love, experience and a few tips on doing presentations. 

This event is free and open to anyone to come. Time, location, details at Up.front.ug.