Photographing Tourists in Prague

I love photographing people in these touristy settings, where they are photographing friends and family, or themselves. There’s a noticeable pattern: take the photo, then come together to review, then redo if needed. Then it is the other persons turn to have their photo taken. As I see people facing in one direction and posing, I see a certain more relaxed, non-posed presentation from the side. – Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square), Prague.

A little bit of Awareness

I am very happy to have been one of the speakers at the last nights Up.Front. I shared my recent insight about my role of product/project management at teambay, where we make a tool that lets employees and managers exchange feedback anonymously, and on a weekly basis.

As I often do with presentations, I included a few screenshots from Star Trek: The Next Generation to accompany certain points related to helping teams communicate and become better aware.

Early Spring at the Berlin Botanical Garden

I was very happy to experience this point of Spring. The ground is blooming but many large trees are just starting to bud. Sunlight illuminates the bare branches and we see just how complicated and vast their networks are. For now we can still see through them, but in a few weeks they will be filled with blossoms and then leaves.