This Is Tea: What does “First Flush” and “Second Flush” mean?


The flush is simply what season the tea leaves are plucked. First flush teas are plucked in spring months (March, April, May). Second flush teas are plucked during summer months (June, July August). There’s an Autumnal flush too.

Specifying first, second, autumnal flush is generally used for…

This Is Tea: What does “First Flush” and “Second Flush” mean?

TeaNY Cafe on Rivington Street for Sale


Ten years ago this past May, Moby and then-girlfriend Kelly Tisdale pooled their efforts to open TeaNY at 90 Rivington Street. But the subterranean Lower East Side cafe seems to be caught in some unchartered waters.

(Teany is now closed)

Teany was very cute. I went many, many years ago and loved it. I saved several metal tea containers and continue to use them. I travel with small portions of tea in them all the time to friends places and to work.

TeaNY Cafe on Rivington Street for Sale