The Friday by Carte Blanche

Today we’re happy to share with you a fantastic photo by Wang Yuanling from his series River Basins. Don’t ask me what these 5 guys are doing, I don’t really know but I can think of 10 different stories, so imagine yours! 🙂

River Basins

Born and bred on the banks of the Yangtze River, Wang Yuanling naturally turned his camera to the people whose lives are shaped by its waters. His images of his home town, Chongqing, tell the story not only of that place, but also of daily life across China.

Wang Yuanling

Born in 1980 in China’s Chongqing Municipality, Wang Yuanling received a degree in Chinese Language and Literature before beginning to work as a photographer. He lives and works in the city he grew up in, the subject of his images, which have been exhibited and recognized around China.