What remains after we drink tea?

My Interactive Session at the Berlin Tea Festival (2019) provided two answers:

  • A certain, natural beauty in saved leaves. Featuring a range of color and texture. This is a waste that can be returned to the planet.
  • A natural pigment that can be seen in paper.

See also: Beauty in Waste recap and link to interview

The saved tea leaves and unique prints were featured in my exhibition “This is Tea” in Berlin, 2015.

An Exhibition with Your Houseplants

An Exhibition with Your Houseplants (Opening Saturday 22 April, 2017, 6pm)

What if my houseplants were lonely?
Could my houseplants benefit from “meeting” your houseplants?
How can I meet other people who enjoy houseplants?

You are invited to bring one or more of your houseplants to the gallery VonLbisG, Kreuzberg (Lausitzer Str. 10).
To create a natural collection, an exhibition just this one weekend.
For us all to enjoy a space populated by so many different houseplants from our friends and neighbors in the city.

All people and houseplants are welcome
Small to Large, Modest to Flamboyant
Hanging plants too!

Drop-off plants:
Saturday 22 April
Starting at 13.00 through the whole day
You can place your plants on a table or on the floor

(or just bring the vernissage…)

Saturday 22 April
Starting at 18.00
Drinks and snacks to be served!
(come even if you don’t have a plant with you)

Event on Facebook

Pick-up plants:
at the end of the Vernissage
or Sunday 23 April
starting at 15.00
or Monday evening